Highest and thin participant "America's Next Top Model"

Ann Ward until the moment it was announced the winner of the 15th season of the popular show "America's Next Top Model" is constantly experiencing discomfort and a bunch of complexes because of his height (189 cm) and excessive thinness (45 kg).

Woman teased at school and molested a tricky question. Meanwhile, such a constitution 21-year-old American is due to heredity. Growth of her mother - 190 cm, and the father - 198 cm. Also, Anne has a brother whose growth exceeds two meters. By the way, waist Anne Jay Alexander was able to clasp both hands.

In addition, Ann is the highest and worst member of "America's Next Top Model", it is the only show in the history of a party, which lasted five shots in a row photo shoots. And Anne - the first winner from Texas. In addition, the US media called it the most shy party program.

After the announcement of the winner of the Anne, she burst into tears.

I feel so flattered, after all this time, I had to listen to comments that I was too tall and just nenormalnaya.

At the end of the show Ward took part in Roberto Cavalli fashion show and in commercials for Covergirl Cosmetics.

After the end of the show Anne received all the promised prizes, which became a contract with the agency IMG Models, two spreads in Vogue Italia, the cover of the magazine Beauty In Vogue.

She also signed a contract for $ 100 000 with the famous cosmetics company Covergirl. By the way, with the same names cooperate supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Lara Stone, as well as singer Rihanna.

In March this year, instead of the expected two turns Anne appeared on five magazine Vogue Italia. She also graced the cover of the magazine Beauty In Vogue, published in May this year.

Anne now works with Covergirl, as well as with the agency IMG Models. Participated in fashion shows Alex London Fashion Show.


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