Urban kniting - newfangled trend of street art

Urban kniting - newfangled trend of street art, the essence of which is decorated with various outdoor objects colorful knits. I do not know how it is functional and necessary, but what is difficult and original, I think is not negotiable. Let's look at the creation needlewomen (or rukodelnikov?), Who spent a lot of time and thread to create objects, added the gray streets of the city of bright colors and positive.

A cushy bus:

Not a terrible bull melange:

What nice little machine:

I wonder if at this bike you can ride?

And this motitsikle:

Merry ladder!

Walk to the White House:

Roadside decorations:

It turns out that street signs and pointers can be such:

Bright covers:



So Grandpa Lenin mittens tied ... Naturally, red:


And there seems to be a combination of knit and embroidered patchwork:

And here is the process of creating:


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