History of the Belarusian millionaire (53 photos)

Calling agriculture Valentine Griţuc "farmer" language does not turn - on 64 hectares of land situated in Myadel area are hangars, factory halls, high-rise buildings and warehouses, filled with equipment. This is, rather, a little self-sufficient state, not just a farm. Yes, and these lands entrepreneur jokingly calls it as "country to country". Before, life here is in full swing, we had dozens of pieces of equipment, build buildings, grandiose plans are born and implemented. Today farming Griţuc .... No, not abandoned. It is as though stopped at the threshold of the third millennium after the disaster struck with the owner. Twelve years ago Valentin Sidorovich was in big trouble, and now the only permanent inhabitant of "the country in the country", he himself - lives in a small dilapidated wooden house. How did it happen? It's a long story.

Winter, frost, snow creaks, the car rides on clearing ennoy straight road to the big 6-storey building of unusual shape. Before him - rickety hut, the path to it covered with snow, it is clear that for a few days in the house no one came. This hut - now Valentine Sidorovicha. The huge building behind - the past, and perhaps - the future.


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