Photo of Tom Hardy

Villain in the mask named Bane we will see on the big screen in 2012, when will the official premiere of the new "tidbit" for film fans - the film "The Dark Knight Rises" by Christopher Nolan, but now we can look at Bane without all the cumbersome "ammunition." Tom Hardy, called to continue the work of Heath Ledger and become the new chief kinozlodeem year in the life of an ordinary man with his zamorochkami. He likes to be photographed, put on your body tattoos, play sports and just having a good spare time.

According to the press Hardy bisexual, but male partners did not manage to find the sly "jaundiced zhurnalyugi", but we all know that Tom was married and his son grows up. Just someone too "long tongue" and that "someone" himself an actor. Mr. Hardy, again according to rumors and arguments of the press, will be the company Angelina Jolie in a new movie "Cleopatra", the output of which is planned in 2013. Well, on this basis, we can expect the grand ascent in the career of Hardy, as paired with Jolie, he can not go unnoticed. I wish him success and invite you to look at it everyday photos.


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