Very often we see in the photos the effect indefinitely, to be exact Droste effect, which was introduced in the late 1970s of the XX century journalist, poet, translator and columnist Nico Shepmakerom. For the first time the world saw this effect on a pack of Dutch cocoa brand Droste (by the way it was in honor of the company and was named the effect itself), which showed a woman, holding an object with an image of herself, holding the same thing, and so on up infinity. In simpler terms, the Droste effect - a special kind of recursive image includes less the same version of himself. In the photos, this effect does not look worse than the bokeh effect.

Pack of Dutch cocoa Droste:

Effect Droset common in music. Take the same album cover band Pink Floyd.

Other works from the Droste effect:

If such an effect you are interested, forward and with a song to learn Photoshop. Today, a photo with Droste effect can make any.


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