Hit or miss?

It in this post will focus on two unusual trends in the field of beauty, which at first glance cause some confusion and doubt.

The first - temporary tattoos

If more precisely, the so-called perevodki lip.

Back in the spring of last year the US company Violent Lips launched this product on the market and now their sales are growing consistently. For $ 15 you get a kit with three tattoos. The method of their application is not difficult for those who in childhood filled his hand on the decals from chewing gum. You apply the stencil to his lips, then trimmed with scissors to the thickness and width of your lips, again apply the finished version of the stencil on top of wet sponges passes across the length and voila! The tattoo is ready.

Video tutorial on the use of

Among the admirers of news not only an ordinary girl, but also celebrities.

So the pros

1) Tattoo held 4-8 hours and you can forget about the usual amended by-tinting lips. The manufacturer assures that they can safely eat, drink and even kissing.

2) Producer again insists that they are made from safe ingredients, and even if not, unlike lipsticks and glosses, which we often eat with such tattoos no muck misses the mouth.

3) They are original, interesting and brighter lipstick bored and give more to the imagination.


1) The application is not as easy as it seems. Some people may be a non-standard shape of the lips. Screwed up the scissors, cut the excess - and it's already could never correct.

2) Small practicality. Suitable only for special occasions and photo shoots, in everyday life will look strange. (Although the idea is not a bad thing, I think they are such a purpose and thought)

3) Maybe it's just me, but with some angles still can see that on the lips something unnatural, as if just pasted, especially in the corners.

Personally, I could not come to a definite opinion about this trend, but it would be interesting to try, although this is seen in a pampering :)

The second trend - manicure snakeskin

In a literal sense.

This idea occurred to one American, when her son brought home a snake skin, which he found. It was shown on television and has since snake manicure has become incredibly popular, and not only in the United States. Do not worry - this manicure used for leather, which snakes shed naturally, so no animals were harmed. Skin attached to the nail gel. The procedure takes at least 2, 5:00, because the skin is cut so as to fit under each nail, and wishing will cost 150-300 dollars. While seeking to save enthusiast already embracing this technology in the home. The result will last 3 weeks.

More Video

I will not write about some of the pros and cons, because I think it's crazy at all :) wear a someone dead skin for a lot of money. The usual pattern imitation snakeskin looks much more spectacular.

Would you dare to try something out of the above?


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