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One of my Christina Aguilera's favorites increasingly criticized (well, no luck it, what can you do ...), but it still remains the youngest singer with powerful vocals. And if now deceased jazz singer Etta James (at the funeral where Chris and brilliantly sung and disgraced) called the same Beyoncé nasty and said he hated it can not, on the Christina, she always had a better opinion, despite the fact that the BBC has played itself Etta in the movie "Cadillac Records." I think James is well versed in who sings with all his heart, and who only pretends ... I too am impressed by Aguilera longer than, for example, Beyoncé (her voice is good, but something is missing). Chris started his career at a young age and now her voice is strong as ever, so I have somehow got used to its fullness, and its unfortunate mishaps on stage. It happens with all happen. Chris drove another setback today suggest it read quotes that fighters (Chris fans) are singing the praises of not less than the singer.

I'm not trying to release albums as often as possible, only to my label was on something to make money. I like to stop for a while, to ponder, to evaluate themselves, the woman who changes from album to album

The real beauty - inside, it comes from the heart, where love lives. If not, even the most common features will not be able to hide the spiritual emptiness, which eventually drives people

Changeable mood - my theme. But I always try to be honest - even in an interview. I rarely confide, but if they said something mean, the way it is

In respect of the business I'm a perfectionist, so it takes me a lot of time, and in the process I'm a pain in the ass

I will not hide, I'm not a doll. I can not just sit and stamp the same music. I want to experiment

No matter what, and who says about you. Often people say nasty things. Most everything is in your way and hinder the implementation of the plan. But always do what you see fit for themselves. Do not listen to anyone. Do not attempt to adjust themselves under the other. The main thing - to be frank with yourself and believe in yourself

I do not regret anything in my life - even things through which made me go through my father. It made me the person I am today

I think you should always remain a child to just look at the world with wide eyes and believe in miracles

I am proud to be developing, which has replaced many of the images. I do not like monotony and I'm in the eternal search for fresh ideas. For me it is important to continue to grow and improve over a

People love to hang on another label - and it does not recognize semitones. If you are "too" sexy, you name-calling vulgar and licentious if "enough" is sexy, you're a prude prude and

These red lips, I could call them my armor, they hide my character

Bright lipstick for me is not only a means of defense, but also a creative tool

Red lipstick helps me to survive in this crazy world and remain a

Once I called them ugly one newspaper, and later I photographed for Versace. Okay?

I - the ocean, because I am very deep. If you nyrnёte deep enough, you will find sunken treasure

I'm not going to tiptoe all his life to the full preservation come to death

How to keep the passion? Go home, the lights went out, Have sex. Guarantee - 100%

Men gets real scary Hollywood glamor 20-40-ies. Because I like the image of Marilyn Monroe. I think that more than anything in the world slaughter was

All my life I dreamed of a simple loving guy, and I always come across scoundrels ... Take, my first lover, dancer Jorge Santos, like all good place to start: the moon dating, sex on the beach ... And then it turned out that he loves gay hangouts! Imagine limit his dreams pornoaktera had a career in films for blue. When I found out about it, just I gave him a good kick in the ass. And the other idiot announced that the videotape, we had sex with him, and tried to sell the film in one yellow edition for $ 100 000. I am his well-worn on the courts, and in the end he banned the trade of fake

I had a lot of guys, and I'm not ashamed to talk about it. It's not fair that women who sleep with different men called dirty whores, and men who do not miss a single skirt - stallions and heroes

To maintain long-term relationship with a man, it is necessary to excite his feelings. For example, cook with it or enjoy breakfast naked love with him in a public place

Men like confident women. If you radiate confidence, the man stretches to you. Normal guy interesting to talk to a woman, if something is a

I hate it when men do not take me seriously! In the 15 years I have been a fan of Dave Navarro of RHCP, his poster hanging above my bed. In 16 years, I have helped to meet with Dave in a bar. I flew to him and blurted out: "Hello, my name is Christina Aguilera, and I'm already 16 years old!" He replied, "Then I am happy to drink milk with you." I'm still shaking with resentment!

Perhaps nowhere people are not so mutually polite, as the queue to the dentist

Many women after the onset of the baby close to home and not interested in anything else. However, I believe that the main thing in education - to grow this baby personality, a man who sees a purpose in life and it is. And he can learn it only as an example of successful parents!

I wanted to get married to someone who would be a great father to my child. Jordan is a great father

For children this is not the best option - listen as parents swear. I knew what I was doing - it is best for my child, I sincerely believe that it would be better to have two homes filled with love and happiness, than one where there is abuse and misunderstanding.

But I know that my heart will calm down, and we'll be back with Jordan laugh and be happy for Max.

If my son did not feel comfortable with Matt, the same would be with me

When you really love, then a lot of takes over from a man in whom love

Women who behave well, do not have a chance to make history

I was disappointing compared to Britney, because we have two very different artist. Yes, we both sing and dance, but the people did not have enough time to realize that there is a huge difference between us. If she wants to go somewhere and do something, I want to do the opposite

In fact, pop - not my most favorite genre of music, because it lacks real depth

My sexuality - a part of me, it makes me a woman and lets you be yourself. I was not too worried about it touches someone or not. I believe that every person has the right to dispose of them and feel comfortable in your body

Before, people were ashamed of their own sensuality. And I, on the contrary, proud of her, and it gives me a sense of freedom

The female body is perfect, and my - many beautiful!

I was such a thing as overweight, did not frighten

I always find time to show off or do some collage - it relaxes me. I love to take a hot bath with foam massage. In addition, I always keep a diary - write to thoughts, events, poetry

I am inspired by the difficulties

You should not judge people, you do not know. You saw me two seconds. So, think before you say something

My mother always taught me that as soon as you begin to become conceited, as soon as you start to take everything for granted, it can immediately take you

I do not want to be a pop singer. I am a singer, and that is how I want to look through a lot of years

There is nothing more dangerous than a man with charisma

I do not need someone trying to convert me. I want to live simple and free

What makes us constantly pretend? Let us allow ourselves to be who we are

I change, the world changes around all affects my life. I think I will always find where to grow

Success does not change the person, it changes those around

We need to be confident in what you're doing, but never complacent


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