Photos of Hayden Panettiere

Smiling, positive and very beautiful 22-year-old actress Hayden Panettiere charges with positive emotions from the screen. Looking at it, I want to smile back, Hayden is so nice and open person, even in the movies. Hayden has been widely known to the public for his role in the television series "Heroes", and thanks to the novel with boxer Wladimir Klitschko, a couple with which people jokingly nicknamed "The Elephant and the PugĀ» (because of the difference in growth). But the actress began her career as a child, when she became a star in the television series, as well as her mother Leslie Vodzhel. Then no one would have thought that Hayden would be a media personality and will star in the film, but the character breakdown Panettiere did not let it stop there. Soon will come several paintings featuring Hayden, where she sang the title role. Let's see if she can break out from the slender ranks of ordinary aktrisulek and become a real actor, like dreams. I'll keep it for the cams, as watching a few movies with her participation, I was not disappointed either in her as a beautiful girl, nor her acting talent.


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