Images of Hayden Panettiere

Today, its 24 th anniversary celebrates a charming, sunny, petite girl - Hayden Panettiere. More baby does she hit the promotional photo shoot in 4 years began to appear in the series and has won 11 young actor for his role in the movie "Remember the Titans." And the second such award young actress earned after only 6 years old for the role of Claire Bennet in the series NBC «Heroes». Following this success, and Hayden gets his first starring roles in movies, among which it continues to appear in advertisements and TV series "Nashville." There, she plays a singer Juliette Barnes, has brought her a nomination for the award "Golden Globe" for Best Supporting Actress in 2012. Do not forget to Hayden about his personal life, periodically ohmurit famous Wladimir Klitschko, making him one of the fun, but it is charming, the famous pair. The birthday radiant and promising young actress we picked her juiciest images from the photo shoot in different years.

1. James White photoshoot for Vanity Fair in February 2007. Playful and implicate Hayden gorgeous sexy body in black with a red lipstick in the form of beauty 40s.

There Hayden vengeance flirting and flirting, imitating his way very Marilyn Monroe.

2. photoshoot for the magazine Prestige 2008. Brilliant in every way and very sensual Hayden.

And here is a dramatic way of really sexy elegance. White dove came a great accessory, who stressed both youth and sensuality of the actress, as well as the dramatic moment of farewell to innocence.

3. Michael Sterling Eaton Photoshoot 2011 for underwear advertising. Again, the image of perky, flirtatious and very elegant. On chiseled figure Hayden anything will look stunning, not to mention this gorgeous silk included in seductive black with white polka dots.

Black-and-white format and colorful linen - very unusual, but very sensual and natural.

4. InStyle photoshoot for the May 2009. Hayden in a luxurious dress and bath and looks juicy and incredibly intriguing.

The image of the elegant and sexy gilded statues. The lack of decoration only emphasizes the "jewel" of the image.

5. photoshoot for the magazine Esquire. Simple and seductive image of a beautiful blonde with a gorgeous figure and golden tan. Everything else is superfluous - only young and sexy as they are. And only the tattoo is small but bright zesty twist.


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