This red-haired girl lights her voice full stadiums. But it does not surprise that, and the ability to be myself. Vocalist «Paramore» - Hayley Williams remains true to its principles, always and everywhere.

"I'm not one of those who no longer do what they like, so as not to violate the generally accepted ideas about famous people»

Over the past four years, sales of more than 3, 6 million records and tickets to concerts on the last tour flew like hot cakes. By «Paramore» favorable and the audience and critics. Especially vocal praise Haley.

"When I was little, we lived in Mississippi. And I'm inciting friends to play in a rock band. But no one loved music as I loved her. It's south - where all crazy about sports and beauty contests »

Haley always kept away from the "female fun" and have even more of a beauty contest. At that time, the band gained popularity, she looked like a tomboy Haley. She is beautiful and almost did not get out of jeans and T-shirts. The singer says it was a deliberate choice.

"I wanted to be a real kid. I did not need to say about me as a new singer for the rock audience maiden. The focus was supposed to be a group, I do not »

"I did not shave his legs for weeks while we were on tour, and the guys made fun of me: written reminders right on your feet. Then I decided to get a tattoo, not to forget. " So she got a tattoo with the word "shave me."

In all, Williams on the body as much as 5 tattoos and is not shy to show them.

However, over time varies. And Haley of pretty darling girl was becoming a more feminine lady.

"When it started, I was a child. With age, it was harder to be the only girl in the group. I've been trying to deny a woman what to me was a big surprise to discover in themselves this part of his personality »

Now it has become a make-up and manicures, do hair and wearing a dress. According to Haley, her change in style was dictated by the fact that she wondered what real sexuality. I note that Hayley Williams won in 2007, according to the magazine «Kerrang!», The second place in the vote "Sexiest Woman", she barely has not held up to the first place, which took place Amy Lee. She also joined the TOP3 among the readers of this survey again in 2009.

"When I was included in the lists of the sexiest actors, I just frowned. I myself have never considered from this point of view, and not even dreamed that get on the cover of Cosmo. But in the end, I decided that sexuality takes different forms. I may not be a busty blonde - I can still be sexy, because I have an interesting appearance! »

In 2010, the transformation of Haley pretty darling girl in a rock diva became apparent. Alas, while Haley was in search of itself, the group began to fall apart. The girl comments on this story very diplomatically:

"I choose the positive attitude to the situation ... We are confident that Popo."

After she recorded the soundtrack for the film "Jennifer's Body", many fans thought that Haley began a solo career, but the actual singer, denied this information.

But in the privacy of Haley's all right: a few years she meets Chad Gilbert, lead guitarist of New Found Glory. And it is trying to save the relationship, despite the busy schedule and constant traveling.

"He is 7 years older than me, but we live without each other can not. I have more in common with him than with anyone in my life. Chad - my best friend »

Taylor Swift in a duet with Hayley Williams acted in concert as part of his world tour "Speak Now". Country singer introduced his colleague from a rock band, and then the girl sang a song with Paramore "That's What You Get".

"I think it is important to check itself, and that if I am a person who want to be? .. And when I - that's me, I feel happy»


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