Legendary model

Paulina Porizkova (or Pauline) - one of the first models from the Czech Republic who have conquered the world podium. In 1992, she was found "one of the most beautiful women" magazine and she also joined the list of "50 Most Beautiful People" in the opinion of «People». It is also the first girl from Eastern Europe, which has reached the status of a top model.

Pauline's childhood was quite difficult. But just then and hardened character Porizkovoy. She learned how to overcome difficulties and achieve their goals. Thanks to the beauty and happy occasion, Porizkovoy once fell lucky ticket. One of her friend, trying to get a photographer to the agency, offered his work, which was Porizkova. This is where the beauty of the girl, and excellent data models have been seen, and soon the young girl had already begun its ascent in Paris. As she recalls Porizkova, "after four weeks I was in Paris," and after a further two weeks 15-year-old girl, who became overnight the model appears in his first life cover of a popular girl's magazine 20 Ans.

"I think every girl starts shooting for magazine covers from the first day of his career. I could not imagine that this was something extraordinary »

In fact, only a few were awarded such an honor, and completely inexperienced in the laws of the modeling industry Pauline did not even know how it turned out to be a rapid rise. In the early 1980s, thank Pauline has spread to the United States when she starred in swimwear for Sports Illustrated. The girl is very quickly gained its place in the fashion world and in the early eighties her photographs have appeared in the most famous magazines.

However, her modeling career has been a burden.

"People are often shocked by my words, that I love the money that brings the business model, but hate to work as a model. However, to simply stand all day in front of the camera, there is absolutely nothing creative »

Not surprisingly, when a 93-m Pauline gave birth to a son, she paused a modeling career. Instead, she turned her attention to the film industry. With Johnny Depp young Porizkova played in Kusturica's film Arizona Dream. Then there were some more acting work. And in 2000, she starred in the crime thriller "Companions". In addition to working in front of the camera Porizkova is a director and screenwriter. However, in both these qualities, she performed only once. In addition, Porizkova known as the author of the books.

with model and actress Liv Tyler:

To date, Paulina Porizkova married to musician Rick Okazekom actor, the son of two children. Her husband was the leader of the group «The Cars». By the way, Pauline starred in the movie Drive this group.

Porizkova and Rick Okazek happily married for many years. But for many is still unclear what the musician could win the heart of a smart woman ...

Pauline also participated in the show "America's Next Top Model" as an honorary member of the jury from 10 to 12 season.

According to rumors, Porizkovu "asked from the show" due to the fact that Pauline allowed herself to criticism of Tyra Banks.

Despite the fact that the model is not brought Porizkovoy much pleasure, she was pleased to remember a time when she was a model.

"For the models it was a great time. Now the fashion industry has changed dramatically, and not for the better. The standard size is zero, and no one except those anorexic hangers, can not fit in them. If by nature you do not have this ridiculous thinness, for the sake of work, you just have to sit on severe diet, and this is not good »


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