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19-year-old model Kate Upton of Michigan, is rapidly gaining popularity. It would seem that so special? A typical blonde with blue eyes, in addition to the model did not figure ... At our site it was criticized for flabby body, but by some strange coincidence, the representatives of fashion houses and magazines it immediately fell in love. "Nonideal ideal" Kate Upton lights everywhere - it is on the covers of glossy magazines, commercials, TV shows and even movies. What is the secret of Kate? Maybe in her round and innocently sexy look? Baby face and figure of the adult female Upton made so famous among men, and then the whole world. Her award epithets delicious, seductive, desirable and charming. Perhaps it's true fashion models like Kate Moss has passed? I like the looks of this girl exactly half (everything below the chest is not so cool, although the stronger sex thinks otherwise).


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