Photo by Andrey Pejic

Model-versatile 20-year-old Andrej Pejic continues to evolve rapidly in the modeling business. He takes part in the show, shooting for magazines and just recently he released his own line of underwear. Androgen Andrew enjoys beautiful and its beauty in full - he loves girls and boys, and the boys, male model, knowing that Andrew man, not averse to flirting with him.

"Most of the girls have a male model, but behind the scenes, when nobody is looking, they like pinching meĀ»
Not so long ago it became known that a certain Andrei takes courtship Remy Durand (pictured with blue hair type), but they are found or not is unknown. And in general about his personal life Pejic not apply simply puts provocative photos, without giving any specific comments. Age had so that I want everything at once, and to be bound by relationships with anyone, whether male or female, is not so necessary.

By the way, 20-year-old Andrew has not responded to the concerns of many of the question, "Who is he more than a boy or a girl?". We assume that and that, and another, even though everyone knows that this is not normal ...


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