Jennie Garth

Jenny has long been in films. All that remains is an actress - is waiting for proposals from filmmakers and hopefully many more times appear on the screen. All her life - a house and children. Oh and social events, such as children's parties and film premieres. Jenny, of course, can say anything about the female destiny. But if the life of a wanted actress? As they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times. Life as a mother Jenny.

As far as we know, Jennie Garth have three daughters from his marriage to Peter Facinelli: Luca (97 grams), Lola (2002) and Fiona (2006). In 2002, the year before the birth of her second daughter Jenny was set up to strengthen the family.

2005. Jenny and her two daughters. As can be seen in the mall Jenny leaves his crumbs and having fun with them.

2006. As you can see, Dzhenni- caring mother. He buys his daughter dolls. And do not forget to take pictures.

2007. At the playground Jenny looks like a very ordinary woman.

But to shoot in the magazine transformed Jenny:

With Fiona crumbs on his hands Jenny is preparing for the show "Dancing with the StarsĀ»:

In 2008, the whole family Facinelli looks happy.

May the same year. Facinelli whole family posing for the magazine:

2009. Jenny was still happily married. And divorce is not going to. And no one would have thought of this. Is that evil paparazzi.

2010. Jenny continues to take care of the grown-up baby. Interests for her daughters have always been paramount.

Picture and only:

The oldest daughter Jenny - Luka - as the most ordinary child had to go through a lot - and through the brackets on the teeth and through the glasses:

2011. Last year for the pair Jenny Peter.

year 2012. Jenny after the divorce, hopes to return to the quiet of the countryside to a normal life.

Jenny reveals that she is not wearing a ring.

And though they are divorced and Peter, but they sometimes go shopping together. For subsidiaries.

Sometimes it is useful, along with longtime girlfriend "revive old."

Jenny Luca (15 years old) at a ceremony Teen Choice Awards:

Birthday Jennie Garth.

Jenny and her beauty-daughter. Whatever it was, it would not have gone through Jenny after the divorce, but she is trying to look good. A great example for the younger daughters.


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