Photos of Vera Brezhnev

Faith by the name Galushka or Kiperman you may not know, but Vera Brezhnev should be known to you. In fact it is one and the same 30-year-old man - singer, mother and wife. Ukrainka, which became popular in Russia, began his solo career in 2007, when she left one of the most successful pop group "VIA Gra". She acted decisively, and at one time it seemed that its main activity will be to work on TV as the lead, but after a few not very successful songs was released the song "Love will save the world", which hit all possible records of 2010 and Vera rushed to become the best singer on the stage. Probably, "I know the password, I can see a landmark ..." - this is the phrase chastoproiznosimaya year before. Then this lightweight, unobtrusive and positive song was a novelty, but when Faith released in 2011. "real life" everyone realized that she fixated on a single motif. This is a very, very, very bad, because long with the monotony of the scene will not last ...

In any case, even if Brezhnev finished his singing activities it has room for choice: it can be an actress and TV presenter, and a mom of two little daughters and loving wife of a businessman. Still life she has developed very well, not every girl from the provinces, who was born in an ordinary family, not from wealthy parents, breaks ...

Good night ....)


Food for the city. All a good weekend!

In the morning, very much like colors. Went and bought myself.

Vera two daughters - Sonya and Sara - I guess that's youngest behave affectedly ...

So like my mother's shoes and dresses ...)))

Jackets, sweaters, pants, sneakers, boots. Heat Do you, girl?

Faith is insulated again:

Who will write, agree)))

My little present for the New Year from your favorite team. Rehearse. Kaif!



Flowers by fans:

Hungry, but quiet)))

Faith with Leroy Kudryavtseva (TV presenter and girl Sergey Lazarev):

Funny hatter!)))

Natural Faith ...

Faith on the set of advertising «Avon»:

Young Brezhnev with short hair ...

Belief in the company of friends ...

... And at the airport:


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