Most feared predator

Who are at the top of the food chain of marine life? Of course, come to mind, the largest and most aggressive of marine predators - sperm whales, killer whales, white sharks. In any case, according to the press.
However, there is one, is not particularly advertised sea critter, which is to be feared even white sharks, this quintessence of aggression in the marine fauna. And by this sea creature called Cookiecutter shark. The size of it, compared with the aforementioned giants reaches purely symbolic, to a maximum of half a meter, but thanks to the specifics of behavior and style of hunting is still a serious threat to virtually all waterfowl.
This Peanuts famously ambush, grabs the victim's body from a piece of meat and quickly washed away with the loot. Thus she manages to surprise a lot of larger predators and, due to the effect of surprise snack those with whom open battle lose a priori. Small bite marks on the bodies of beasts are already mentioned white giants, dolphins, tuna. That is a small predator in your diet is varied and boldly hunting large and dangerous game.
Curiously, for some reason, does not touch the glowing squid in a pack which is often hidden and out of the same attacks its prey, which, in turn, is just going to enjoy kalmarchika. In general, a kind of hunter hunters.


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