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The solemn transfer of the Olympic flame from Athens to London took place recently in Greece. Especially for this event organizers Games 2012 caused a symbol of England - football player David Beckham, who drove by plane torch with fire in their home country. Let me remind you that this year's jubilee thirtieth Summer Olympic Games will be held in England.

Traditional holiday Maya in Mexico was marked by important activities for the residents of these places. People staged a ceremony of farewell to the era in the hope that after December 2012 a new era, not the end of the world as naprorochili Mayan ...

Expressive frame caught the photographer: a woman passes by zagoroditelnyh police units in Bolivia.

The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and the guests who arrived in France without stifling feelings photographed all of the surrounding beauty, and the stars themselves. Still, it really is a historic event - the festival itself, and even an anniversary.

Not only in northern Arizona raging fires, but also in Colorado it's not so easy. A couple of days ago, residents of Colorado had to be evacuated as wildfires already getting to close to their homes. By the way, forecasters predict US, this is not the last case of fire, because this summer is expected to abnormally hot weather and the forests will be a kind of litmus test for this abrupt change in temperature. I hope Russia a "thermal explosion" will bypass side.

Guatemala: boy escapes from the rain in a makeshift "shelter».

Again, a photo with the Cannes Film Festival, which flashes all the latest news. Spectators on the Croisette enjoy the fresh air and another brilliant kinonovinki.

Somewhere in Burkina Faso locals agree on the joint use of the water source. In the deserts of the water is extremely rare, more oases, but when people get to the water, either contract or war. There is no third, thirst is such a thing ...

Pretty happy (judging by the photos) African family posing for a photograph. They do not have to live in poverty, as the past four months, they are under the care of the Red Cross. The organization allocates them food and clothing.

Spanish butchers preparing skinned carcass of a bull. Photo not for the faint of heart and vegetarians.


London football club "Chelsea" for the first time in its history, won the UEFA Champions League. In the final, the team, which is owned by our compatriot Roman Abramovich, has played with the Munich "Bavaria" and defeated it in the penalty shootout. Someone will say that it is unfair, but I'm glad for them, especially now that there are many futbolistov- "oldies" who will soon leave the team ...

In Baku, the grand opening of the 57th international song contest "Eurovision". In 2012, Russia are "Buranovskie grandmother" on which we can already see the May 22 in the first semifinal.

Russian national hockey team defeated the team of Finland with a score of 6: 2 and pulled away in the final, where her rival was the team of Slovakia.

Shame, but the fruit still is. The most famous graduate in 2012 from Ukraine Anastasiya Fomenko known for her outfit at the solemn farewell to the school and she was immediately invited to advertise, but advertising is not yet of Italian fashion clothing, but only electronic equipment in the online store that girls are not bad. In the photo she is in black Sets.

Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova made it to the finals of the tournament Roman «Internazionali BNL d'Italia», where she became a rival Chinese Li Na. Stepping forward to say that the final match, which took place today, was interrupted after three hours of play due to rain, but after the game went Masha did not leave any chances Chinese woman.

Japanese Tame Watanabe in a group of climbers on Saturday morning reached the summit of Mount Everest and became the most elderly of living queen of Chomolungma. The height of this mountain is 8848 meters, so the 73-year-old woman is a significant achievement.


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