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Tosun was a well-known Zen teacher of his time. He lived in several temples and taught in various provinces. The last temple, which he visited to collect as many of its adherents that Tosun told them that he was going to stop lecturing forever. He advised them to disperse and go wherever they want. After that, no one could find even a trace of him.

Three years later, one of his students found that Tosun lives in Kyoto with a few beggars under a bridge. He immediately begged Tosun teach him.

"If you can do as I do, at least a couple of days, I agree," - said Tosun.
So, a former student dressed as a beggar and spent the day with Tosun. The next day one of the beggars died. Tosun and his student at midnight claimed the body and burned it on the mountainside. Then they returned to their shelter under the bridge. Rest of the night sleeping soundly Tosun, but the student could not sleep. When morning came, Tosun said: "Today we do not have to beg for food. Our dead friend us something left. " But the student could not swallow a bite.

"I must say that you could not do as I do, - concluded Tosun. - Go away and do not bother me ever. "


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