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Star almost all comedies of the past few years - Katherine Heigl - now twice mother. The actress and her beloved husband Josh Kelley adopted a second girl who was named Adelaide, and the first daughter pair is named Nancy. Both girls, though not the biological daughter of Catherine, but she was very much loved in the same way as at the time start to eat warm family feeling to foster sister. Ever since childhood Heigl realized that marriage is difficult to maintain, since her parents divorced, but the main thing in it - this is the love that is possible to carry through the years, thereby strengthening the family. Kathryn has been married for more than 6 years. That to her career, here everything is much prosch—Ď: first, Catherine was a model, well then, I decided to try myself in related professions actress. She did it with apparent ease and success, as this American is one of the most sought after and highly paid actresses today. So for each of the roles in the films "Killers," "Life as We Know It" and "One for the Money" Heigl got to $ 12 million. Shes and deservedly.

Appear to be very optimistic, charming and friendly woman and her comedic game is just super! Of course, to my darling in this genre Cam Diaz her path is not close, but still she umnichka)

Daughter Catherine - Nancy Lee

Husband - Josh Kelley. Economic)


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