Alice Eve

Alice Eve - one of the girls in Hollywood, whose image embodies exactly the type "pyshnoteloy blonde." Natural charm, laid-back style and gloss - that's what distinguishes Alice. Alice Eve has not only an attractive appearance, but also the ability to choose the right image and hairstyle.

Blond angel in immodest dress. Alice Eve has played on contrasts.

Tousled curls in a clearly organized hairstyle. A certain asymmetry helps to hide a round face.

The perfect hairstyle for Meet the Parents:

Different types of hairstyles for medium length hair.

Simple ponytail and smooth styling - is not the best option for those who want to hide the large features. But Alice Eve, it seems, does not hide anything.

Elegant smooth square and its modifications:

It seems that the light waves - one of the central hairstyles of all ceremonies.

Alice evening hairstyles do not differ pretentiousness and complex performance. They look very simple and natural.


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