This happened in the state of Punjab, India.
Two puppies accidentally fell into the well while playing with his brothers and sisters.

Owner puppies noticed that there are no two puppies in a group, and then heard the barking of the mother of puppies near the well.
To his surprise, he found that the puppies are in the well with the royal cobra.
He was amazed that the cobra, which is a threat to all animals, including humans, puppies are not touched, but rather to protect them, when people approached the well.
This shows that the cobra, which is very dangerous, knows that puppies - this is only a little innocent and loving creatures.
In addition, it is possible and she feels the same maternal feelings, as well as the mother of the puppies.

Puppies and serpent remained in the well for 48 hours, until they came foresters.
They rescued puppies, and the snake was released into the forest.


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