Fucking elevator

Entries from the diary of a German soldier who fought at Stalingrad, was taken prisoner, and in 1953 returned home healthy:
"October 1, 1941. Our assault battalion reached the Volga. More precisely, even to the Volga meters 500. Tomorrow we will be on the other side, and the war is over. "
"October 3rd. Very strong fire resistance, can not overcome the 500 meters. Stand on the edge of a grain elevator. "
"October 6. Damn elevator. To him it is impossible to approach. Our losses have exceeded 30%. "
"October 10th. Where do these Russian? There is no elevator, but every time we get closer to it, there is heard the fire from the ground. "
"15 October. Hooray, we have overcome the elevator. From our battalion left 100 people. "
And further:
"It turned out that the elevator was defended by 18 Russian, we found 18 dead bodies."
Can you imagine? 18 corpses. And they stormed the battalion ... & quot;



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