All the heroes of books about Winnie the Pooh have pronounced mental disorders

A group of Canadian experts in the field of psychology to analyze the nature and behavior of the characters of one of the world's most popular children's books. It turns out it is not so cute and funny, as it appears to an innocent child's view. In the adult world of Winnie, Tigger, Piglet and other inhabitants of the magic forest have serious mental disorders.

So restless Tiger suffered a pronounced attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which does not give him a moment to sit quietly on the ground, trying not to attract the attention of others.

The problem Piglet - a pathological anxiety and unfounded fear it - anxiety disorder. This is shown as a skittish and nervous character pig, and his very demeanor: WinCE, tremor, constant attempts to hide in a corner and hide from the terrible world

Rabbit - a typical anancast, ie a pathological perfectionist. Here's how to describe this disorder psychologists "alarming suspiciousness, fear of dirty, fear of thieves, scoundrels, sverhakkuratnost, sverhpunktualnost, demands, pangs of conscience ...". Do you recognize our hero?

Owl got OCD - obsessive-compulsive disorder. Also a nice little "suspicious person, prone to rare maximally decisive action that is immediately noticeable on the background of the dominant calm.ยป

Diagnosis Eeyore and can deliver a layman: chronic depression. Drooping appearance, delayed speech, inescapable melancholy and pessimism - these symptoms are familiar to everyone who has ever in my life experienced depression.

As the main character, Winnie the Pooh, he is, according to psychologists, a drug addict, who suffers from severe psychological dependence on honey. Honey is the center of his existence, and Pooh truly happy only when he is. When honey is not all bear the thought occupied only by how to get it. Pooh And like a true addict is ready to do anything, his mind is very inventive in the fight for honey, while in all other areas of life Pooh stupid and little interested in what.


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