Images of stars

Most often we see stars in stylish dresses and expensive jewelry, but they are "phase shifts" (in the best sense of the word), when all tired and want to experiment. And where else, if not on the red carpet to hold them? With the help of celebrity clothing, or rather their stylists create vivid artistic images, the foundation of which is taken either from books or from movies, or still somewhere. So, we look at the most bizarre outfits Hollywood asterisks.

Lady Gaga

Image: The Snow Queen

Emma Watson

Image: Aladdin

Lindsay Lohan

Image: Robin Hood

Paris Hilton

Image: Mrs Christmas

Mischa Barton

Image: Red Riding Hood

Katy Perry

Image: Snow White

Sarah Jessica Parker

Image: Cinderella

Nicola Roberts

Image: Scarecrow (Oz)

Cher Lloyd

Image: Wicked Witch of the West (Oz)

David Arquette

Image: Jester

Mickey Rourke

Image: Mad Hatter


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