Hairstyles New York Fashion Week

In the style mods. Varnished curl on top, bonded invisible. Ideal if you have not had time to wash my hair) can be considered as a creative option for the office, but it is best to look in neon rays dance floor


"Mutated" low ponytail. Here's how: hair tied in a ponytail at the bottom, is divided into three parts, one thick and two thin. Thick tail is twisted into a tight curl, and then weave a normal braid of three parts, weaving should not be too tight. Then pull the edges of our braids, turning it into a kind of creative chaos


Low parted + bouffant. Draw an imaginary line from the outer edge of the eyebrows up - there to do the middle. Fleece should be pronounced, but not a huge


"Nest" at the crown. This hairstyle looks very glamorous, if the "nest" done carefully, and the rest of the hair is perfectly aligned


Braids with podpletaniem with temporal zones. Such braids look more interesting than ordinary braids, wound the ears


Geometrical lines. This hairstyle is very easy to do if you have hair the same length. We divide hair into four parts: select wide thin strips at the temples, of the forehead, in the rest of the hair pick ponytail. Temporal part varnish and tightly intercept crosswise in the middle of the back of the head. We get them in the bulk and at the intersection form the tail. The hair above the forehead generously varnished and retracted, forming a "dome", the ends can be invisible seal at the base of the tail


Hybrid beam and tail. The hair is divided into two parts, from the one that smaller, low beam is formed, which covers the second part, the edges are fixed pins. The ends need a little tail comb or curl


Paired "fish tails". Such beauty is available not only with long thick hair - can be used natural or artificial lining


"Fluff." It looks romantic, and make such a hairstyle is easier - at night braid small braids and then comb it thoroughly. At the roots of the hair comb is necessary, otherwise the roots will contrast with a total


"Lock passion." The establishment of such a hairstyle is no big deal, but looks very impressive. As in other cases, will give glamor hair greased back hair at the roots



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