Woodstock 1969. Part Two: "Music - the main form of contact"

... And yet, in the organization of Woodstock Music & Art Fair was not the dominant social and anti-war motives (see. Part One). The main objective, the idea and the dream of the organizers of the Woodstock festival headed by Michael Lang was, of course, the ability to give the audience a qualitative and "free" music.

Woodstock was the first outdoor festival of this scale, not only in the local accommodation ... When it became clear how many people came to the fest, organizers decided to abandon the system of ticket sales and make the admission is free. And despite the fact that the organization of this action cost them a fortune, but it is about more than two million. $. Essentially Woodstock became their "parents" - a financial disaster, but at the same time - the ideological bliss.

"The most important thing is that it happens, that it is here and now - and that's enough ...»
Michael Lang said in an interview on the final day of the festival the third.

In addition to free entry and free the sky were also free here and musicians - only frames (and whether it is a framework) for their participation was necessary to sing 10 songs of their choice.

Just three days acted about 35 participants. Among the most famous artists like Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix; group - «The Who», «Jefferson Airplane», «Creedence Clearwater Revival», «Grateful Dead» and so forth.

«Jefferson Airplane» became one of the most prominent groups who spoke at Woodstock. These religious rockers their psychedelic music entered into ecstasy and without a crowd stoned (where drugs and find a balance in life - were one and the same), especially when performed one of his most famous "hallucinogenic" songs. «White Rabbit» - is the name of this thing, which entered the list of 500 best songs of all time, and it took the audience Woodstock

There were also many performances in which straight lines or indirectly condemned the war in Vietnam and those who would benefit from it.

So Jimi Hendrix, who closed the festival with his performance, the latter performed the song «Hey Joe», which line, "Hey, Joe! What are you gonna do with a gun in your hand? "Were addressed to the then already former President Lyndon Johnson states. It was he who was the head of a full-scale US intervention in the North of Vietnam, and claimed the bombing program.

Such sentiments have become a fundamental support for the Nixon policy of "Vietnamization" (withdrawal of US troops from the territory of Vietnam), who took a course on the new administration led by him.

These people lived as if in another dimension. Many of them did not get along with family, and with society as such, for which they had too many conditionalities and difficulties. But just exactly hippies and shown across America what it is - to be a united, democratic and humane nation.

... Why do not you all used to calm down, talking about my generation
Do not try and bury everything we say ...
The lines of the composition «My generation» from «The Who» just say this ...

Despite the fact that the era of hippies with Woodstock came to its end, this particular generation, and to this day is the example of a man and love of freedom, the bright spot in the state's history, a repetition that will not be.


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