Russell and Hawn

Fate brought them together, when both "lick their wounds" from the previous marriage put to the same, and he and she were already burdened with children. She was behind the two marriages and two children next, he - one official relations and, accordingly, one child. But neither the one nor the other circumstances prevented them from immediately begin to live with a big happy family: mother, father, daughter Kate and two sons, Oliver and Boston, which, however, was soon joined by another - White, making a happy starry family More happier.
I did not want to shoot there, but saw Goldie on trial and ... left ... Kurt loved srazu.tak recalls the landmark meeting in 1983 on the set of the film "shift change" - one of the most famous Hollywood couples just living together 28 years - Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn.

Apparently, a Cupid still exists if gives the two halves of a second chance because Goldie and Kurt have met and even acquainted much earlier - in 1968 on the set of kinomyuzikla "One only genuinely original family band", the young people had small roles in him. But then it was limited to only a polite greeting each other, and they parted ways after almost 20 years.

Although, who knows, maybe the way it should have happened - meet already taste the bitterness of love, and absolutely ready for her main course - a mutual and great happiness.

"What is he clever!" - For me, Russell from the beginning was out of competition ... admitted Goldie and yet in spite of the right arisen sympathy, at first just looking to Kurt, who himself took the first step - after three weeks of filming in exactly Flowers Valentina, he asked his partner in the film taught him to dance the jitterbug. And Goldie agreed, however, to the dance moves they have not begun, but talked all night, and after that decided to live together.

As mentioned before to find their general happiness, Kurt and Goldie have gained experience of living together in marriage, and he was mostly negative. His previous marriage lasted 4 years, it's the first marriage with Gus Trikonisom Hawn lasted for 7 years, and the second - with Bill Hudson - 4 years. After a couple of failed experiments of the third start as something not much want to. Therefore, whether from superstition or because it already seemed superfluous, but Kurt and Goldie did not formalize their relationship.

Journalists countless times tried to predict or even to report on their upcoming wedding, but still have not waited nothing podobnogo.Ya twice married and divorced. Kurt, we live together for many years and not a divorce, because we are not married. My "cell" is open and I can at any moment to fly away from it, but I do not do that - perhaps because it was not locked.

Why, tell me, fasten that, and so does not fall apart? We Goldie daily yell of joy and fun with each other. What more do you want?

Let's be honest with each other and remain themselves. So said Kurt children Goldie, when two families united. Such a fair and non-intrusive approach is very much the children, so it is not surprising that soon fell in love with Oliver and Kate Russell and began to call him "pa" and Kurt himself attached to them, as well as Goldie to his son. And as soon as there was a noisy little family White, a noise something like laughter became more.

These hooligans staged a hullabaloo in the house that wanted to run aimlessly!

Practically their own merry family situation could watch the audience in the famous comedy "Overboard", which starred Russell and Hawn together. Roles have turned out so organically, it is difficult to imagine others in their place. This film could only withdraw it.

Just have fun together and Goldie and Kurt raise their children, leaving them and loving parents and an excellent example. Kate Hudson has become a Hollywood celebrity and wonderful comedienne, and a real beauty. Her brother, Oliver, also an actor, Boston, son of Russell graduated from the Faculty immediately 2 in Georgetown - theology and neuro-sciences. Wyatt Jr. A hockey seriously engaged and plans to become a professional athlete

There is a feeling that all of our children will have time to get married before we get together with Goldie register our relationship! And so it was, besides Kate and Oliver gave him grandchildren.

Whether really to blame for the constant freedom, which "triggers" to stick together and hold each other's hands and not get bored with each other, laugh and enjoy life together and close.

We do not need marriage. We Goldie did not very much respect the social norms. But we respect each other ... As a result, only 2 percent of our lives were really bad, another 2 percent - so-so, and the other 96 were simply magical! 13,105,333

I like to wake up every day and see him there. It gives me the energy to live ...


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