This cat got terrible burns during a fire. Now, however, his life made sense ...

Pierre de Beaumarchais once said, "Who has a good heart, not a burden of gratitude." Today the online magazine will tell you a story about an animal whose heart is just immense. The life of the hero of our post can not be called sweet: he had to go through a serious test. Knowing firsthand what it means to be on the verge of death and experiencing the torments of hell, today this good man gives to others their warmth and affection, thus encouraging those who need it. Remember, we told you about the cat who voluntarily "working" as a nurse in one of the Polish cities? It seems that such compassionate baleen-tailed have worldwide ...

Meet in front of you, Russell, a cat, which last year had miraculously survived when a terrible fire. He received a severe third-degree burns. They found him already on the fourth day after the terrible accident, almost lifeless. B>

Now the poor guy lives in the veterinary hospital in North Carolina (USA). The employees of this institution are convinced that this kotofan - their guardian angel. B>

Russell lives there on a permanent basis, and still is in the process of rehabilitation from injuries.

To the surprise of the entire staff, he began to look for other animals that are in need of care and treatment.

«He seeks to communicate to all patients want to be near them, i> - medical staff is divided with the press. - I think he feels the pain experienced other animals, he has a special bond with them ». I>

«He has the unique ability to find common language with the four-legged victims», i> - says one of the doctors.

Cats themselves - being independent and usually kept separate from other animals. But not Russell - he worships in his fellow. B>

Doctors note that Russell loves to stroke patients with small animals, lying next to them, to sleep, the body buried in a furry friend to play with him.

It must be admitted that Russell never recover 100%. However, at the moment of his life in the hospital is simply wonderful, and this is good news. B>

On the Internet even a special page, where anyone can donate some money for the maintenance of the cat-good-natured. Medical staff assures that all of the proceeds go solely on Russell (which only cost of its operation!). B>

«Here he is like a rock star. Everyone wants to see it! We are happy to keep him as their mascot ». I>

It would seem that, after the injury of the life of the cat had become a miserable existence. However, he found the strength to live and, moreover, shares the warmth, affection and care to others. This is, perhaps, love in its purest form. Share this story with all the friends of Russell, this cat deserves to be learned about it the whole world!


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