Metro Station in the Swedish Skokgolme

Metro Station in the Swedish Skokgolme probably the most unique in the world. Going down to the subway, we discover the wonderful world. 90 out of 100 stations provide an opportunity to get acquainted with different types and directions of art.

Since the discovery, since the 1950s, the station containing hundreds of works by various artists. Stockholm metro recognized the largest underground gallery in the world. Each station has its own thematic exhibition.

One of the most interesting projects is the work of artists and Karl Anders Aberga Byorka station Solna Centrum, where people are cutting down the forest in its place build their homes. This is the most colorful station.

The station Vreten heavenly color cubes sticking out of the ceiling, walls and platforms.

Station Kungstradgarden translated as "Royal Garden". Here the walls are adorned with cave paintings.

Station T-Centralen is decorated with blue and blue images of branches with leaves. And builders silhouettes subway.

As the pond with water lilies framed station Nackrosen.

Station Rissne tells about the historical events from the year 3000 BC.

Station Hallonbergen decorated in the style of children's drawings.

Antarctic theme is present in the station Tensta.

The Metro takes you to every corner of Stockholm, Sweden, Scandinavia.


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