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English artist Mark Evans (Mark Evans) creates amazingly realistic paintings on huge canvases from the skins of animals. Global figures are obtained in the process of cutting the top of the skin with a sharp blade folding knives.

Mark Evans himself recognized that it is not endowed with the skill of painting brush. Knife - his main instrument, which helps to realize his artistic vision. Evans is the only artist who owns the technique of carving on the skin, so just have to learn from their mistakes. This process is very labor intensive, requiring precision. Working on a painting can last for several months.

Subjects creations of the artist is oversaturated with images of skulls and money. Master seeks to reflect their own experiences and to bring people to the consequences of greed.

Predilection for knives Mark at the age of seven years. Then my grandfather gave him his first pocket knife. Since then, a collection of knives Evans significantly replenished. Among them is even a silicon Egyptian Neolithic and Officers knives. Second World War.

Mark Evans works are very popular. In addition it's a hobby and a source of income for the artist. Some works worth 250 thousand pounds. His paintings can be found even in the royal palaces of Saudi Arabia.



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