"Dark Side" of the family Pitt and Jolie

Surprisingly, these photos Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may not together (at least officially). In 2005, when this photo shoot was filmed under the title «Domestic Bliss», the famous couple has yet starred in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and only a "rehearsed" future life together.
A rehearsal and a photo shoot can be called Steven Klein, who wanted to demonstrate the so-called "dark side" of everyday life typical family. This "unexplained illness," which at the time to pursue all starts to look at the happy couple, and served as the inspiration for a photograph.
Action submitted photo stories happening in 1963 (the year of birth of Pitt) - at the time when the last traces of the 'ideal' 50s gave way to its rightful place something more ambiguous and difficult. Beautiful facade while still visible, but some values ​​have already started to rot from the inside like. In general, the photo shoot she will tell you about it much more.


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