Sculptures made of peanuts

American artist Steve Casino (Steve Casino) creates miniature sculptures as fictional characters and famous personalities of the world of pop culture. For its work Casino uses peanuts.

It all started with the fact that the artist has found similarities with peanut shape of a human head. The process is labor intensive, time consuming and detailed study of a prototype for future sculptures. Moreover, for drawing Steve uses only peanut shells. Therefore peanuts carefully selected. Young seed gently extracted from the rind, and then glued to the damaged hull and subsequently becomes material for the sculpture.

Front and rear

In operation

Work on one figure, according to the author, takes about 10 hours. Heroes Casino Steve had time to visit the legendary figures in the entertainment industry - Alfred Hitchcock classic favorites - James Bond and Vander- WOMAN, musicians Bono of U2, Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, kinogeroi Dracula, Frankenstein, Kirk and Spock from "Star Trek" .

James Bond

Alfred Hitchcock

Wonder Woman (Wonder-woman)

Currently, Casino accepts orders for manufacturing of similar sculptures by e-mail. So if you want to - order the amazing peanut personalities, but keep in mind that their characters Steve sells 300 to $ 500 apiece.

Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus

Addams Family

Universal Monsters


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