A daughter named Northwest

To tell the truth, I thought that this news - duck, because even knowing how extraordinary personality Kanye West, it is difficult to believe that he was smart enough to come up with his first-born stupid name. However, the website TMZ is a pioneer among Western news portals in terms of the latest information, and then published the same news, and other authoritative publications, including the Mirror. In short, just do not fall: they named the baby North West, which translated into our language means ... North West! Tell me, whether they are normal)?
This information, according to TMZ, came from a source from the hospital Cedars-Sinai, where Kim is currently a child. According to him, Kime will be abbreviated as the girl Nori (way after harvesting for sushi)

It is worth noting that before the birth of the child is actively Force version that Kim and Kanye will continue the family tradition of clan Kardashian and choose the name of the letter "K". Especially because it is not necessary to invent anything was - late mother Donda West Kaydens called and the couple think about how to stop this name
Welcome to the world, North-West Kardashian West)


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