Film about the turbulent history of the United States

July 4th is celebrated in the United States on a large scale and joy, to become a holiday - Independence Day. The Americans are very fond of him and, of course, are treated with great reverence. After all, on this day in 1776, it signed the Declaration of Independence, which guarantees the freedom of America, from the UK. Around this document goes a lot of interesting rumors. For example, that it was the first item on the abolition of slavery, but as a result of public pressure Jefferson struck him. Or, that the Declaration was not signed on July 4 and 8 th in Philadelphia, and was first read from the balcony of the army the next day. And not all the delegates signed a document it in 1776. Some of them did not put his signature to 1777. And that the word "independence" was not in her name. Nevertheless, the Declaration was the place to be, and played a great historical role. Also, it happened many adventures: after the ratification of transporting it from place to place, hidden in the archives of ten different cities in five states for several decades: from 1776 to 1951. She has twice nearly burned down and was almost kidnapped by the United Kingdom in two revolutions and the War of 1812 year. And only in 1952 a document quietly currently stored in the National Archives in Washington. As you can see, an exciting and patriotic history of the Declaration by the United States to become the story, which is, of course, found its reflection in the movies. Here is a small selection of the best of them.

The Patriot (2000).

The film is directed by Roland Emmerich just tells us about the events of the war with the British, Americans for independence. The role of the protagonist - many children's father Benjamin Martin takes Mel Gibson. He does not want to participate in this first war, but only as long as one of his sons did not die, and the second does not take prisoners. Benjamin collects group of volunteers and starting a guerrilla war.

Gangs of New York (2002).

Martin Scorsese film about New York in 1863. His wild slums there is only one law - this is the law of force. Therefore, the course is any weapon and no one here believes losses. In one violent clashes at the hands of the leader of Bill the Butcher "Native American" killed the leader of the Irish gang Vellon. His son Amsterdam (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) promises to avenge himself and years later returned to his native quarter of this "cold meals."

Gone with the Wind (1939).

Great love story of the great films of all time unfolds against the backdrop of the Civil War. The war began between the northern and southern agriculturalists industrial states. It so happened that northerners to work in their factories were civilian employee benefit workers, while southerners are ideal for field work were slaves. As a result of this political controversy, Southerners attempted to form their own state, which ended with the collapse of the entire world, and their usual way.

Lincoln (2012).

The film directed by Steven Spielberg tells the story of the life of Abraham Lincoln - 16th US president, who just made a great contribution to the victory in the civil war, which we discussed in the previous film. For the role of the president of a great Daniel Day-Lewis received his third "OscarĀ».

National Treasure (2004).

This film has the adventures of the Declaration itself in the modern world. Treasure Hunter - Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage played it) know that the founding fathers of the United States at the time where something extraordinary hidden treasures. But tips on how and where to find them, are as legendary heavily guarded document, which the hero still manages to steal and amass the most enemies, adventure and a nice sweetheart.

Independence Day (1996).

This is another film by Roland Emmerich with a speaker and a suitably named. Of course, this is a fictional future of the United States, but nonetheless. After the action of painting is precisely on the eve of July 4th. Two days before the US national holiday of the Earth receives a signal about an alien invasion. Calling strangers throw brave hero played by Will Smith, in the best American tradition will save the world.


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