Stars emerging from their children

Even the rich and famous are not immune from the loss of their loved ones. After all, there is no death of any age or status, or race, all are equal in front of her. Especially hard for anyone to survive the death of their child. Recently such grief befell the famous actor Pierce Brosnan, who plays Bond in a number of film "James Bond". His daughter, Charlotte, who was only 42, died of cancer. This terrible disease once took from Brosnan's first wife, the mother of Charlotte. Please accept our condolences, Pierce, and keep ...


Other celebrities who have survived their children:

John Travolta in 2009 buried his son Jett. The boy died at the age of sixteen by a seizure provoked Kawasaki syndrome (a kind of fever)


Rocker Eric Clapton lost his son when he was only four years old. The kid fell out of the window Los Angeles skyscrapers


The former wife of Frank Sinatra and the former muse and love Woody Allen, Mia Farrow survived the death of his two daughters, who died at an early age


The eldest son of Sylvester Stallone Sage died last year of a heart attack


Gerard Depardieu in recent years, often applied to the bottle. Perhaps he still can not come to terms with the death of his beloved son, Guillaume, who died in 2008 from pneumonia




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