Movies have become TV series

Apparently, in Hollywood crisis of good ideas for scenarios, so you have to "restart" the old projects. The turn and "12 Monkeys". 18 years have passed since the release of the big screen sci-fi thriller with Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, and producers occurred to make a feature film ... series. According to the American edition Hollywood Reporter July 22, the cable channel Syfy bought the rights to adapt the picture Terry Gilliam. The show will receive a 90-minute pilot episode and a full season, but hope for the emergence of Willis or Pitt still not worth it.
It should be noted that this is not the first time in the history of cinema, when the movie becomes a TV series. Remembering the good examples.


"Buffy - the Vampire Slayer" (1992) - TV series (1997-2003)

In 1992 the world saw a movie about Buffy - the girl from high school, which is struggling with evil spirits. The project was the brainchild of writer Joss Whedon, but the final result was not satisfied with the author - Original Screenplay great change. A few years later the same Whedon assembled a new team of acting to a story about the Vampire Slayer got a new life.
This was the "golden" era in film history of vampires - in the "Buffy" they shone in the sun, not to mention fine mental organization, and committed abominations, as expected bloodsuckers.
The idea was successful: prizes and awards, the army of fans and critics praise - all expected Buffy and her friends. Filming lasted 7 years, and with the final season of the show worthy of retired and not turned into a protracted soap opera.


"Nikita" (1990) - "La Femme Nikita" (1997-2001) - "Nikita┬╗ (2010-2013)

The original "Nikita" - the creation of Luc Besson. French painting of Anne Parillaud starring was awarded the "Cesar" and later received a full two serials continue:
In 1997, Canada presented their adaptation of the story about the girl-killer. "La Femme Nikita" - the title of the show lasted five seasons on the screen. Starring beautiful blonde Peta Wilson, permanently settled in the hearts of the male half of the fans of the series.


In 2010, Nikita with a "new face" (Maggie Q) settled on the American channel CW. The third attempt was less successful of all previous: low ratings allowed to broadcast the show three full seasons, after which the guide channel byavilo on a shortened fourth, who will be the final.


Hannibal (2013 -...)


In 2013, NBC aired launched a new version of the serial life of the famous Hannibal Lecter. The role of the main antagonist was a Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, before known only episodic appearances on the screen. The series received mixed reviews, because most viewers is the best embodiment of Lecter Anthony Hopkins. British actor thrice get used to the image of the villain in the feature film "Red Dragon," "Silence of the Lambs" and "Hannibal," and in 1992, this role has brought Hopkins' Oscar ┬╗.


Carrier (2012 - ...)


Action, produced by Luc Besson and his two sequels gave Jason career Stethema new round. Trilogy has been very successful at the box office, and look at the elusive carrier in cinemas were actively and girls, despite the abundance of action on the screen.
But in 2008 the story about the adventures of Frank Martin ended ... for a while. In 2011, Besson has sold the film rights, and in the fall 2012 season premiere of the new series was released on cable channel HBO. Martin became the new, though not bald, but still charming Chris Vance.
Season consists of 12 episodes, and now future of the project remains unknown.


SHIELD (2013 -...)
Organization SHIELD few years has been an integral part of the universe Marvel. It was only in 2013, the "good" agents who helped fight evil in the film "Iron Man," "Thor" and "The Avengers", received their own series. In the picture, familiar to all agent Phil Coulson, miraculously survived in "The Avengers" and his team continue to guard the peace of civilians. The first season of "SHIELD" will be aired in 2 months, but for now we present the trailer:


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