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August 20 the magazine "Forbes" has pleased the public next rating the most-most - this time the models are hard trampled podiums and starred in a photo shoot in 2013, received the highest incomes. Topped the list - then we will hardly surprise - long-legged nymph Brazilian Gisele Bundchen, who topped the list of highest-paid models, according to Forbes for the seventh year in a row! Gisele Hayter proved to all who do not like her nose, the color of the face, the age (models for 33), which is above all professionalism.

So, look, who earned the podium of the women soldiers in 2013, the most

The first place, as we have declassified in the early post - at Gisele Bundchen. Pretty earned 42 million - far more than the second and third places stamp models combined. What is the secret? Is Giselle pay for participation in the shows five times more than all her companions? No, just a decent part of the earnings model was the fees for participating in campaigns of different products - from sportswear to vetnamok

Leading "angel» Victoria's Secret, Miranda Kerr, has expanded its bank account to $ 7.2 million this year - thanks to the participation in shows aircraft shootings for advertising campaigns Mango (Miranda is the face of the brand) and other "part" such as advertising the tea " Lipton »

In third place ranking one "angel", Adriana Lima. Countrywoman Gisele Bundchen earned $ 6 million - basically, it's the fees for participating in advertising campaigns Victoria's Secret

Kate Moss, the model of which is considered the standards already veteranshey, earned 5.7 million dollars. Kate, unlike previous lady, no longer makes a living walking the catwalk, the basis of her income up campaigns and fees for appearing on all sorts of bohemian hangouts

Model Liu Wen from China - a relatively new name in the fashion business, but it already boasts an impressive income. In 2013 its earnings amounted to 4.3 million dollars - mostly Liu has been enriched by the choice of her face scarves collection by Louis Vuitton

American Hilary Rhoda cooperates with more than a dozen well-known brands, including Chanel, Donna Karan, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Valentino. These collaborations in 2013 brought her 4 million USD

In seventh place - a native of sunny Florida, Carolyn Murphy, another veteransha modeling world. 40-year-old top model has earned 3.6 million dollars

Another fashion workaholic - Puerto Rican Joan Smalls - by participating in the campaigns of many well-known brands put into a bank account 3.5 million US dollars

About Candice Swanepoel chroniclers write, perhaps as often as on Miranda Kerr, but revenues blond "Angel" Victoria's Secret is significantly lower - 3.3 million

The last in the list of highest-paid models according to "Forbes" is one of the queens of the catwalk custom - Lara Stone. The Dutch model, whose Scherbinka got on the cover of the most influential fashion gloss in 2013 became richer by 3.2 million dollars


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