Environmentalists have long warned mankind about global warming.

Environmentalists have long warned mankind about global warming. What consequences will this phenomenon? Scientists believe that in 5 thousand. Years melt all the ice on the planet. Today we will see which regions will be flooded. North Amerika

Under the water will be buried all cities located on the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The hills of San Francisco will be the islands. Cuba also suffered increase the Gulf of California. South Amerika

The Amazon basin turn into the bay. The same process will affect the river in Paraguay. Thus, the water will absorb the Buenos Aires coast of Uruguay and Paraguay, a large area. In its place will remain the mountain areas along the coast of the Caribbean. Evropa

On the face of the Earth disappear London, Venice, Holland, Moldova and part of Denmark. The size increase Black and Caspian Seas. Avstraliya

Desert in the heart of the continent would be a landlocked sea. Coastal cities will be flooded. Aziya

Hard-hit China and India. Water flooded Cambodia, leaving the island, which were previously cardamom mountains. Afrika

Sea swallow Alexandria and Cairo. Most of Africa will become uninhabitable. Antarktida

On the surface, remain scattered islands, which can be populated.

Source: relax.ru/post/93826/Chto-sluchitsya-kogda-rastaet-ves-led-na-planete.html/


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