Space elevator

today to go into space, you must make a perilous journey on a rocket. That you have space, you need good health, strong nerves and a lot of money. Researchers from NASA and the company LiftPort Inc. propose to simplify the conclusion of large objects in orbit, using a system called them "space elevator." That explains the concept of a space elevator Dr. Bradley Edwards report NIAC: ¬ęSpace elevator - a tape, one end of which is attached to the surface of the Earth, and the other is on geosinhronizirovannoy orbit in space (at a height of 100 000 km), the tape is always under tension . By varying the length of the belt can be achieved in different orbits. Space capsule containing the payload, will move along the belt. At the final station, if necessary, the capsule detached from the elevator and out into space. The speed of the capsule in this case will be 11 km / s. This speed is enough to begin the journey to Mars and other planets. You can use the space elevator as a "launch platform" for spacecraft launched to the planets, satellites and asteroids (Mars, Venus, Moon). You can also build a lift capacity of up to 100 tons, which will build large colonies in orbit and orbital stations. " Liftport inc. has announced the launch date for space elevator - April 12, 2018, but was subsequently extended to 2031.



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