Athletes in red

Munich scientists have shown that athletes in red win more often. According to experts, the color red is aggressive, so athletes in him feel more confident. The confirmation of this fact was the experiment scientists, when 42 experts showed videos Taekwondo fights where fighters were in red and blue costume. Then color uniforms athletes computer properly reversed. In this case, each time a wrestler in a red suit received from experts assessment is 13% higher than the athlete in blue. A similar analysis was carried out by scientists in 2004, when considered active sports such as boxing, Taekwondo, Greco-Roman wrestling and wrestling. As the participants of the study group Robert Burton - have all the evidence to believe that red is dominant in the sport and a negative impact on those who see it. After all, according to the analysis of more than 55% of the athletes who won, wore a red suit. Another proof of the victorious red steel research scientists of the British University of Plymouth. After analyzing the 56 seasons of football games, was derived pattern that teams in red win more often, and the players feel much more confident in front of opponents in white uniforms. Note that the "Manchester United" and "Liverpool" appears in the form of red and color, and these clubs have won 18 championships in England. See also: Why sports fans call it the fans? Sylvester Stallone, never a former boxer, boxing is in the Hall of Fame. There is a sport: Chessboxing - a combination of chess and boxing.




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