A previously unknown language

As part of the expedition of the channel National Geographic, whose purpose is a census of all existing languages ​​in the world, at the foot of the Himalayas was discovered tribe that speaks in an unknown language before that time. As reported by the scientists, the newly discovered language refers to the preliminary assessment of the Tibeto-Burman family, which in addition it includes another 400 languages. His formation koro (the name given researchers new open source language) is obliged by remoteness and isolation area, which is home to talking to him the tribe. The region in which speak Koro, cut off from the outside world turbulent rivers and high rocky mountains. The tribe has about a thousand people. Villagers subsistence farming and hunting. They live in houses built of bamboo cane. Since carriers koro not familiar with writing, and the language itself on the structure of its constituent words, phonetics and sentence structure is significantly different from all that has been studied before, the researchers decided to create a dictionary of the language Koro online. Today in the world there are about seven thousand languages, and half of them are endangered. See also: The traditions of the aristocracy: foot-binding in China. The largest family of albino. The oldest man in the world was 256 years old.

Source: scienceblog.ru/2010/10/07/v-gimalayakh-obnaruzheno-plemya-govoryashhee-na-neizvestnom-ranee-yazyke/


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