Small houses of the world

bring to your attention the most original collection of miniature houses around the world.

1. The smallest house in Warsaw (Poland) is adjacent to the Church of the Holy Spirit. This tiny house in the classical style was built at the end of the XVIII century on a piece of land of only a few square meters. Now it sells newspapers.

2. The smallest house in Toronto (Canada) was built in 1912. As with any "normal" house, it has a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The total area of ​​only 28 square meters. metrov.

3. In the UK, there is a house of almost the same size, but two floors. On the first floor there are two bedrooms and a shower, while the second - a living room and a kitchen. It is assumed that the lodge can accommodate only one person.

4. The appearance of the smallest house in Salzburg with a facade width of only half a meter is connected with a long romantic history. Once she agreed to his boyfriend to marry him, but when that will own the house. The young man was very poor, but smyshlen and squeezed his house in the partition between two existing houses.

5. Perhaps one of the smallest houses in the world is in the United States. Its area is only 6 square meters. In this case, the house has a kitchen with fridge, shower and bed, located in the attic. The set comes with the house special platform-trailer for transportation.

6. This house is one meter wide and 10 meters high built in Brazil. The house has three floors, compactly housed two living rooms, three bedrooms, kitchen and veranda. At the beginning of the construction phase of the local authorities wanted to ban the construction of this house, but later changed their minds.

7. Residents of Amsterdam does not tire of repeating that this is the small house of their city. However, this is not true. The fact is that during the construction of the building tax home is directly dependent on the width of the facade. And enterprising landlord built a full house with a facade 1 meter 1 cm, which is, in fact, is the only entrance.

8. This house in the style of hi-tech in Tokyo. It is built on a small piece of land triangular shape.

9. On the ground floor there is a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor - living room, guest room and kitchen, and in the attic - children.

10. In general, the creation of miniature size and minimalist in style homes can be called one of the innovative trends of contemporary architecture. For example, in Poland is preparing to release a house-room area of ​​only 14 square meters 5. The width of the housing ranges from 72 to 122 centimeters.

11. It is assumed that such houses can be successfully placed in the voids between the existing buildings.

12. And what about Russia? Do we have any decent examples of small houses of club type? Of course there is! More recently, in the city center in one of the quiet side streets of the Old Arbat appeared luxury residential building consisting of just 12 apartments. It should be noted that this premium apartments with ceilings 3, 4 meters and a free plan. See also: Fallen Star - house, which landed on the roof. Acute-angled house - On the Corner. House with slide - Japanese living "house with a slide." UFO House in Taiwan: Abandoned futuristic ghost town.



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