Man in blue

fifty-seven year old California resident is different from all the people unusual color of his face. His skin became blue because of the long-term consumption of colloidal silver to cure dermatitis. (Paul Karason) Paul Karason fourteen years ago was ill dermatitis. The man began to self-medicate, and as a result, began to use so-called colloidal silver - in other words, a colloidal solution of silver particles, which he, with the help of an electrolytic method of obtaining (in other words, passing an electric current between electrodes immersed in the water). The resulting solution was the man received both inside and out - in this case, putting it on skin areas which have been hit.
Some time later, the man began to literally "change the color of his face," a process that goes unnoticed and gradually. In a strange color Paul first drew his attention to his friend, who had not seen him for several months. In the doctor's opinion, the blue men can be explained by the so-called argyria. This condition occurs due to the systematic use of refined silver inside the body or long-term work activities with silver or its salts. Initial signs of argyria occur within two to four years, the use of silver, and a serious skin darkening is evident not sooner than a dozen years. Lips darken before all, conjunctiva and whiskey, then changes color of the mucous membranes of the mouth and gums, as well as the colors of nail holes. During this no health disorders and pain usually does not arise. See also: A man without a face can finally kiss his daughter. In the United States carried out an operation at full face transplant. A resident of Brazil raises his eyes from their sockets by 95% on 27-year-old girl to turn the feet of living a normal life. The oldest man in the world was 256 years old.



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