What are the things women chose men (9 photos)

Today's female wardrobe full of clothes worn by men. And who knows how many men's items and a woman "borrowed" all the men and did not give it back!

This woman stole clothing for men back in the XVII century., And, apparently, forever. But there were times when sundress akin in form and name of the Persian clothes serapa, described as follows: "long men's coat without sleeves." So I dressed, for example, Ivan the Terrible, "And it was sovereign dress - sundress road, Jarinje color with cherry obnizyu." Or earlier, in 1377, during the infamous Battle of the river drunk "Tatariv zdelali raspolohu, the rulers have fled to some sundressesĀ».

High Heel
"And under the toe of Easter egg rolling, and under a red heel - the bird will fly." What is it about? On the modern trendy women's boots on a hairpin? No, it's about shoes "swashbuckling free Cossack Stenka Razin." Women heel for a long time simply did not believe it was regarded as an attempt to rise "in the face of his master." It is only then, when manners have deteriorated, footwear rider, designed for powerful stirrup, was brutally stolen beauties

Decorated belt
During an attempt to wear leather belt with semi-precious stones, gold chains and blyashechkami current fashionista, getting it to the Ancient Rus would badly paid. Women - only bands, braided wool or flax. Men - leather sashes and belts with buckles. If a man was a soldier of high rank, the sign of his dignity was leather belt round with a respective set of bronze or silver plaques and linings.

Typical character completely lost the battle for the men pants, which was conducted almost from the XIII century. In any case, the German proverb: "Who pants, in fact, and power" - was born then. So, please, in the 1980s dealt a "coup de grace" and pants, and power. Extremely tight military cavalry pants leather elk or deer that once those men emphasizing articles that below the belt, turned into a synthetic female trousers


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