Walnuts - a very popular product in our country. They are low cost, good taste and a great amount of vitamins along with minerals. Here are just a few people know where the matter is an unusual name for this kind of nuts. As it turned out, the outdated word "walnuts" can be translated as "the Greek", which has enjoyed himself Nikolai Gogol. So we could call Greek nuts, but this name we did not prizhilos.

Why are so called nuts, given that they grow in the Minor and Central Asia? On this score there are two versions. The first states that the walnut trees brought us Greek monks, on the other - the Greek merchants who sold all kinds of products in ancient Russia. By the way, you know why walnuts taste bitter? When the products are not buying oil contained in them becoming rancid, causing the fetus acquires a bitter taste. Is it desirable, or may be poisonous. You also can not eat unripe walnuts, as they contain toxic volatile substances, leading to poisoning. But fresh fruits in moderation is very helpful - a lot of unsaturated fats, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, and E, and so on



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