tea bag

teabags now called small upakovochka tea made, usually from a special filter paper. Tea bags are needed for a quick and tasty brew tea using boiling water. Tea bag appeared not once, he had predecessors. The first one came in 1904, with the help of Thomas Sullivan. The fact that then crossed tea packed in tins, and he decided to repackage for the convenience of tea bags from shelka.

His customer, receive your tea is not in the banks, and in fabric bags have decided that it needs to be brewed directly into the packaging. A more modern form of the tea bag was invented by Adolf Ramboldom, his work first appeared on the market in 1929. Bags for tea bags have ceased to be silk, because it was too expensive material in order to reduce the cost of it was replaced with gauze. A little later came to replace the gauze special paper made of fibers, but it was soon replaced by a special filter paper. In 1950, there is a tea bag with two chambers, which is fixed a metal bracket.

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