Problems of the new iPhone 5

Madness run, shouts, applause, admiration - an exciting annual spectacle by Apple. But after the feast of the new iPhone comes a little sobering. So, the new iPhone. Usually thoughtful analysts look at the design, finding that such "left seems," which means that "nothing has changed" and we "want to sell the same at the new price." In fact, this is not tak.

To so much to reduce the thickness and weight of the phone, Apple engineers had a pretty serious rework the design of the phone. At the same time designers still remained at the head of the process and were able to develop due to beveled ends quite comfortable grip - something which can not boast of many "grown thin" smart phones of today.

But there is no problem with the size - elongated shape does not hurt the eyes, and does not interfere with the thumb is very average size hands free to reach all corners of the image - and what else is needed? No complaints and to iron - someone it will seem somewhat irrelevant, but it is lost when reading the details - hell, Apple, finally justify the purchase of a number of companies and designed its own processor!

But aside enthusiasm - is to say the five disadvantages to be faced (at least, could face) normal user. All of them in the long term are fixable, but the nerves can pull. Firstly, iPhone 5 heats up. Whether this is due to shortcomings of a new iron lends itself to any remedy and whether any shortcoming in the conditions of the oncoming cold - God knows. But the fact remains - even without the help of three-dimensional games novelty managed to warm up before the idea of ​​a small break - despite the fact that on the first day to break away from the new iPhone is not usually want sovsem.

Secondly, there is a problem with the black version. It looks stunning, but on the first day from all sides poured criticism on the stability of the coating of the metal part of the case - the paint, they say, goes. In our sample problem is not repeated, but should be careful or just get chehlom.

Third, there are problems with application compatibility - at least in the early days, until programmers will add new versions in the AppStore. That is, the application start and run, but due strung to 1136 pixels in height above and below the display (or sides if a horizontal mode) notches appear black. Naturally, the most popular applications on the problem will be resolved within nedeli.

Fourth, the new card is really so terrible as they say about those who for a long time used the beta version of the new system iOS 6. Ironic inscription in London cafes are already offering the new owners of paper maps the iPhone, and in Moscow, they say that the local hipsters may begin to change Apple's other brands - not so much for the "rename" Tverskaya Street back to Gorky (Communists Petersburg and Leningrad region in ecstasy), but for your favorite Chamberlain suddenly became George. Information on the map of the country, incomplete and inaccurate and distorted images in 3D-mode, were the subject of a separate blog. Thank God, in Russia there is a great alternative in the form of cards "Yandex» .

But what to do with the fifth problem is unclear. Many expected that pulling up the screen ratio of 16: 9 will deteriorate horizontal view keyboard and miscalculated - in the same 640 pixels width spoiled vertical. The power button voice input text took place and drove the remnants of punctuation. It is clear that today's young people accustomed to do without commas, but the disappearance of many points will seem a mystery - at least until they remember Android and not to click twice quickly on the blank space - put the point.

It may be inappropriate for older people with impaired fine motor skills, they will have to press the "123", and already there is to choose the desired character. But that's not all - the designers managed to spoil the subtle way they inherited a legacy keyboard 3, 5-inch iPhone, which at the modest size was almost perfect. Somehow magically the percentage of errors when typing on the iPhone 5 jumps and a half times the first time makes the regret about the impossibility of installing third-party klaviatur.

It would seem that the new iPhone 5 is only drawbacks, but it is not so. In fact, attention to unexpected troubles sharpened by the general feeling of comfort is well spent bundles of hardware and software. Therefore, the above disadvantages surprise no worse than sharp needles in your favorite slippers. The question of whether these hopeless five points spoil the impression of the new iPhone, will leave open until the full testing.



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