Yoga Face

If the year begin to leave their "black mark" on your face in the form of wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, then this is not a reason to panic and run to the beautician to beg for a triple dose of Botox. You can resort to yoga for the face, which allows you to save the youth of the skin front golovy.

This group of exercises was designed Annelise Hagen. New York facial yoga instructor claims that it is a complex natural and harmless alternative to cosmetic procedures that are annually spent billions dollarov.

Based on the principle that any muscle must always be loaded in order to remain in good shape, facial yoga offers a set of exercises that allows people to look younger. Moreover, some of the exercises relieve man from the accumulated negativity by demonstrating silly and funny expressions litsa.

But Annelise Hagen warns that if you just pose funny faces on a daily basis, it is nothing but a new wrinkle arrives. In the face of yoga uses a special technique for toning muscles, requiring no fussiness performed, but only the concentration and focus.



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