How to open a lock missed first trimester

winter is often that locks the car doors freeze or doors themselves frozen to the car body. This creates problems especially for those who urgently need to get into his car. There are several ways to resolve the issue of the frozen lock. 1. First you need to check on all the doors were frozen locks. Those who drive station wagon or SUV should also check the tailgate.

If at least one door is opened, it can be assumed that you have coped with the problem. At least you can get to the driver's seat, turn on the oven and freeze locks, using the heat from the passenger compartment. 2. If you are able to insert the key into the lock until the end, you can try to open the lock, turning the key in different directions. In parallel, you can tap on the lock and around.

This method should be tried on all the doors. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the key is easy to break. 3. If the previous method did not work, try to heat the key (matches, lighters) and try again to all of the above deystviya.

4. If the cover door of your machine is not a pity, you can try to heat the castle open fire. 5. Prepare a plastic bottle, a balloon or other container and type of boiling water. Next tightly leaning against the castle and try to warm it, it does not forget to periodically rotate the key. 6. You can try to warm up the castle hairdryer. Of course, this method is possible, if the car next to the house and you have a long enough extension cord and a hairdryer. You can ask your neighbors pomoch.

7. Get a means for defrosting locks. It is better if it is with a straw or a thin nose, as you have to inject it into the lock. Then paste it into the lock cluck and try to twist it.

9. Of course, if no one method does not work, then you have two choices, either wait for the warm season, or call a tow truck and take the car to a warm place.



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