Violet sphere in Arizona

On Sunday Geraldine Vargas and her husband were photographed against the backdrop of the Arizona desert and came across something very strange - a pile of brightly sparkling little purple sfer.

The beads were sticky, watery and translucent. When pressed, they burst with a squish. Nothing like the couple have not seen before. Moreover, it was completely unclear how they could take in the middle of a completely deserted pustyni.

Vargas contacted their friends zoologist and sent him pictures of the mysterious phenomenon, but it was not found even a suggestion. Then they sent a photo on TV, in the hope that it will help to unravel the mystery. TV people came and removed the plot. Then they contacted the botanists, and they said that if the balls are of natural origin, theoretically it could be slime fungi or jelly molds. But this assumption. In the meantime, the forums Airconditioner visitors wondering what it could be.



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